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Evil Wizard Creations

At Evil Wizard Creations we are constantly enhancing our products and applications. We offer full solutions to website design as well as plugin features to enhance the look and feel of your site. These plugins and solutions are fully customizable and come with built-in security features. This way you can have an "Off The Shelf" website that looks totally bespoke. All our products come with administration tools to help set up and run them. We also offer limited support for our products, but they come with extensive documentation and help files.

Live Sites

Commercial sites created while in the employment of companies are not included in this portfolio, for a list of these sites please use the contact page.

Demo Sites

The demo section is where the unfinished/canceled site projects are stored to demonstrate the change in direction and developments. These sites were never really meant to be live, only to keep the development ball rolling and test new ideas and concepts.

Archived Sites

The archive sites section is a list of sites that were once live and maintained by Evil Wizard Creations. The maintenance of theses sites no longer under our control so they have been archived to preserve them for posterity.

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