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My Portfolio

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3K Engine

The 3K Engine team believe in creating "Plug 'n' Play" code objects that take very little knowledge of how the object works in order to use it. We also believe in "Get More, Do Less", in the form of re-usable code. We develop script snippets to fulfil a specific function, then we re-write the function to be capable of being "dropped" into other applications, thus becoming non job specific code. It's much easier to call a function than to write one. It was once said to me about OOP, it is a fantastic analogy to class functions, you don't need to understand every line in a function to use it. "You don't need to know how a clock works in order to tell the time." We like to encourage novice programmers to if not know why every line in a function is there, but to learn what the line of code does. It was how I learned most of the languages I know, that and experimenting with changing lines, variable values and line order. Remember programming is a form of creation, and creation should be fun.


A voluntary organisation website for Bridlington Area Neighbourhood Watch Groups. Built to accommodate the dynamic nature of the content, the site used a bespoke flash applications for home page navigation and sponsor advertisements, there was also a bespoke flash based game centred around a Bridwatch character. The site also utilised paypal integration for donations as it is a registered charity. There was also a dynamic page to display upcoming events that automatically excluded events after an expiry date. Included in the site was a web based visitor contact form, allowing users to send messages without having to send an email, alternatively there was a guestbook application page, giving visitors an opportunity to leave feedback messages on the site itself. All this required a integrated bespoke online CMS to manage forthcoming events, update multiple page contents, including uploading images and photographs and monitor the guestbook and remove any undesirable messages. The site is still active although Evil Wizard Creations no longer administers the site workings.

Watercolours David Work

his was a bespoke eCommerce site for a local artist. This involved the first incarnation of a shopping cart that did not require the shopper to fill out details until they had finished all purchases. The owner did not have credit card processing facilities and so the cart sent the itemised cart details to paypal for payments, alternatively a print optimised order form could be generated for cheque payments. The paintings and prints were available with a number of different frames, the frame images were added as background layers to help visualise how the purchased item would look with each frame. An enlarged preview of each painting was available with a text sample overlay. The site included a bespoke CMS for product management, available picture frames and updating of the terms. The site is still trading although Evil Wizard Creations no longer administers the site workings.

Oakleaf Trading

A sadly no longer trading eCommerce site, and the very first eCommerce site designed by Evil Wizard Creations.


An experiment into online social networking. The chatroom applet is no longer registered and so does not function.

line gfx